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coin master events

Coin Master just grew more appealing and amusing. With the help of the Coin Master Events list, players can find a lot more interest and interaction in the game with new exciting rewards. Player’s are offered these rewards for a limited period of time only.

These events challenge players to play the game Coin Master by providing the winners or players amazing rewards.

How’s that? Ah!! The standard rewards include pets, pet food, spins, XP, coins, cards, etc.  Different events have different awards, timings, and criteria to follow.  These events may seem complicated to achieve but no need to worry, we got your back.

Latest Coin Master Events List

We have explained and described these events for your easiness down below:

1) Tournaments Milestone

Coin Master’s Tournaments Milestone event will let the players fight and battle each other while trying to make the opponent lose. The player the highest score or rank will receive the amazing rewards offered by the game, Coin Master.

Players will have a progress bar appeared on their screen that will alert them regarding their rank in this event. The most common rewards of this event include free coins, free spins, pets, XP, pet food, cards, etc.

Players might be able to get golden cards from this event. We know that they are rare to find, and it’s a dream of almost every player, so it’s worth playing for sure!

2) Tournaments

Coin Master’s tournament is mainly not something to miss. This particular event creates interactions between the multiple players so they all can try to hunt each other down. The player that hunts down most of the players or the majority of the players is the winner of the tournament.

Players who want to be a part of the tournament join this event first. To join this event, they might have to pay an entry fee. The entry fee is extremely affordable, so everyone to be a part of this event.

Besides the entry fee, players need to be at a certain level/village on Coin Master. New players or players playing at a lower level might not be able to participate in the tournament. Even these types of players can’t also view the option called tournament in the game, Coin Master.

There is a specific limitation when it comes to the timing of the tournament. These tournaments are not available all the time of the day. There is a particular time when players can be a part of the tournament.

3) Gift Master Event

In Coin Master, players don’t just get what they pay in the game. If a player purchased something from the store of the Coin Master, they would get free rewards with their purchases.

This reward is in the form of a Free Gift. You can get spins, coins, chests, pets, XP, pet food, or a wide variety of these all items.

The amount you spend to purchase from this game will depend on the gifts you will receive. The higher your amount is for purchase, the bigger reward you will receive from this game. There is no time limit for this event.

This offer is a forever type of offer so players can take advantage of it whenever they are feeling low on resources or whenever your pocket allows them to purchase items form Coin Master.

4) Special Event

Coin Master’s special events bring life back into the game. These events bring a considerable amount of interest for the players to play even more than before. You will find players to be more aggressive during these events because their priority is to gain the maximum amount of profit and rewards.

The rewards for these types of special events are significant. Significant enough to the point that the players usually are craving for the prizes. This special event is in the form of the attack madness or raid madness.

These events stay in the game for a more extended time as compared to others discussed so far in this article. The duration time for these events is four to five days.

In the attack madness event, you will have to attack as much as you can on the opponent’s village whereas, in the raid madness event, you will have to raid on other’s villages.

The Attack Madness events and the Raid Madness events will give you more significant rewards when you successfully win the attacks or raid of other’s village. However, the aim of these events is quite high.

You need to try hard to win these events since the expected goals in the progress bar are a bit higher than other events.

5) Village Master

Coin Master’s Village Master is an event to go for in Coin Master. Village Master is the forever on type of event in the Coin Master.  You will get some free gifts if you cross a level or a village successfully.

This event will celebrate your victory with you of moving forward in the game. The higher level you will reach on, the higher gifts you will be rewarded with at the end. So, play more to get more.

6) Bet Blast

Bet Blast event is an event that requires betting. You will have to put a bet on and attack or blast other’s villages. The high bet you put on, the high reward you will get. You might end up with double the number of coins of what you initially bid on at the start.

During this bet blast event, players can get 30 to 50% of extra rewards as compared to the standard game. This event only lasts for up to 9 hours.

7) Cards Boom

This event lasts for no more than 9 hours in the game. Coin Master’s cards boom event introduces you will extra cards as your rewards. During this event, players have more chances of gathering up different cards ranges from rare cards to mild rare cards, to high rare cards, etc.

During this event, each chest box you open, you will be given with double the amount of the cards. For instance: there are three total cards in the golden chest, but during card boom events, players will be able to receive six cards. This event is never to be missing out!

8) Cards for Chests

If you don’t like to share or to trade your extra cards with other players, then here is an event for you: Cards for Chests. You don’t have to give out your cards to your friends anymore for free when you can earn something else out of it.

You will have to give your extra cards to Coin Master, and in return, you will get a free chest. This chest can contain a lot of new cards, rare cards, XP, pets, spins, pet food, or even golden cards.

9) Gold Card Trade

Gold Card is an event that is rare in the game because of its uniqueness. Gold cards are rare to find and not possible to trade within the standard game. To trade golden cards with your friends, you will need to wait for this specific event to occur.

Once this even is up, players can trade their extra golden cards with their loved ones. However, you need to keep in mind that each player can only trade two golden cards with others, so you need to select your top unique 2 players or friends.

10) Balloon Frenzy

This event is so simple yet so peaceful to play. All you have to do is keep your focus in the game. While playing, a lot of balloons will appear on your screen from time to time. All you have to do is to pop them to win an extra reward.

This popping can be another mini entertainment for you in Coin Master but with more significant rewards. Sometimes, players get more than 5000 free spins just for popping the balloons. So, you need to keep your eyes wide open.

11) Viking Quest

coin master events list

Coin Master uses spins while using spin slots, but during the Viking Quest, players can use coins instead of spins and still win the same reward.

Players will have to complete ten different missions. Each mission can be started quickly by paying some coins instead of spins. Each mission has some specific rewards which can be viewed easily by tapping on it.

Once you complete all of your ten missions, you will be rewards with a total of 5000 spins, one rare golden card, 1 billion coins, and 75000 XP. Now, we are talking!

12) Set Blast

Set Blast is a bonus event for the lovers of the Coin Master. When this event arrives, the players with the completed set of cards will get rewards for free. You don’t have to do anything for this event but to wait for it to arrive.

The minute it arrives, it will check all your latest completed set of cards and will reward you for free of a cost. These are the events that attract the players since there is no action required.

Coin Master Event Error

Sometimes due to the high demand of Coin Master, its server gets slow, which causes an event error for a few players out there. There is nothing to be worried about anymore. You will need to make sure to restart your device.

If this problem continues, then you might have to uninstall your game and install it again. Before uninstalling, make sure you have your account linked with Facebook; otherwise, there is no way out there to get your account back.

Your level in the game, coins, spins, XP, decorations, pets, etc. everything will be gone forever if you install the game without linking it with Facebook.


What is the next coin master event?
Developers don’t want to spoil or ruin the fun for the players’. The developers never reveal their next move for this reason; these events are no known by anyone. The next event is always a surprise and a way to keep all the players tuned in the game.
How to fix events not showing on Coin Master?
Due to the overcrowded server, it might be slow for you to have an event that appeared on your screen. However, this doesn’t often have, but still, if you are facing this problem, then you need to make sure that you have the latest version of the Coin Master installed on your phone. Kindly go to the play store to update your game. If your game is already updated, then you might have to restart your phone to view the latest update.
How do you earn rewards on coin master?
The best way to earn rewards from Coin Master is to play the game often and to play as many events as you possibly can. These events will give you more than your expectations. If you don’t want to hassle into the real events, then there are other event options for you, which you might take advantage of.

Conclusion of Coin Master Events:

Some Coin Master Events will give rewards only to the winners, whereas; others will provide some amount of bonuses to each player playing the game.

This criterion varies from an event to another event. Similarly, some events might show up once a day whereas, other events might appear once in a month or once in a week only.

All you have to do is to complete the required mission for each mission in order to win the event and get your rewards and prizes.