Coin Master Tips and Tricks – Strategies & Latest Guide

coin master tips and tricks

Everyone is talking about the coin master tips and tricks. You know that this specific game is of patience and tolerance. But who got time for this? There are tons and tons of alternatives called tips & tricks for the game Coin Master, which you can use to speed up or hike the process of you going towards the next level.

They not only help you to boost up your level in the game, but it will also give you a lot of resources such as spins, coins, XP, animals, cards, etc.

Hackers do not create these tips and tricks, so they are entirely legal and safe to use. These are only shortcuts created by the developers or the players themselves.

Some of the coin master Tips and Tricks of 2020

Here are some.

1) Don’t break your friendship

Many people in Coin Master find it easier to attack their friends since there are high chances of winning these attacks. Don’t break your friend’s heart and never attack your friend’s village.

This is not only the rule of this game but it is also the rule of life. If you want to attack someone’s village, select random, which is under the revenge button. You will find a lot of unreliable people from the Coin Master Facebook groups, clubs or pages who claim to be your friends but they will backstab you.

If you find anyone like this, then remove them from your Facebook friend list and look for new trustable friends.

2) Keep a pet in your village

Coin Master Game doesn’t have a variety of pets for you to choose from. It only offers you three pets to pick from and to keep in your village. These pets include a Tiger, a Rhino, and a Fox.

These pets will not stop others’ to attack your village certainly, but keeping at least one of these pets in your village will create low chances of the attacker’s victory. The tiger tends to be more potent as compared to the other pets.

It is sturdy and also attractive. You need to keep in mind that these pets can be expensive to purchase, which is the reason, these pets hold so much strength to decide victory and failure. If you have enough coins, so it is a great idea to invest in buying a tiger for your village.

Trending Tips

3) Avoid log in as a guest account

Coin master game allows its players to register with their Facebook accounts, or you have an option to sign up as a guest. Guest accounts do become convenient if you have a privacy issue or if you don’t have a Facebook account.

However, linking your Coin Master’s account with the Facebook account doesn’t allow Coin Master to post or share anything on your behave. It is a great idea to avoid log in as a guest since the recovery of guest accounts is not possible.

Once you have intentionally or unintentionally either logged out of the Coin Master’s account or deleted the app by mistake, your account becomes out of your reach. You will not be able to recover it.

All of your cards, XP, coins, pets, etc will be a waste at this point.

4) Link your Coin Master’s account with your Facebook account

As mentioned below, it is a great idea to link your coin master’s account with your Facebook account since the recovery of these types of accounts is easily achievable. If you don’t have a Facebook account, we recommend you create one.

You can use Facebook accounts for linking various games to keep your resources safe. If you are currently running out of storage on your phone, or if you have to take a break from coin Master, then you can uninstall or log out of your account.

Once you are back up in the mood to play the game again, you can simply download and log back into your account. No matter after how long you log back in, your resources will be kept safe for you.

Also, logging into with your Facebook account, you will have an opportunity to send to or receive gifts from your friends. We explain this specific trick of Coin Master in an upcoming point.

5) Be consistent and be loyal

Many players play this game once in a while and keep it annoying that they are not able to level up quickly. You need to understand that you have to be consistent! It is this simple.

Make sure when you are playing this game, and you spend your coins in the right manner. Construct new buildings, buy new pets, unlock new villages, etc. Show your loyalty towards the game so the game will be loyal to you.

6) Try your luck

Coin Master allows you with only five free spins in a day. You can use the above trick to get more spins. But, five spins to start with aren’t so vast, is it, especially when you are scared to put a higher bid on. Don’t be afraid to try your luck. You need to place a higher bid so you can win more.

7) Long last stay power

Your energy and power in the game matter a lot, so, a quick tip is to feed your pets. Feeding your pets will give you additional strength in the game for four hours.

You will be strong enough to handle attacks without powerful resources, so it’s a fantastic tip to try. Just pay for your pet food, and feed to stay active and stay dominant in the game.

8) Join clubs and groups

Having your Facebook active in Coin Master or any game is extraordinarily advantageous since you can join a wide variety of clubs, pages, and groups on Facebook.

These pages, clubs, and groups will proffer you a whole range of latest tips and tricks along with upgraded links for free spins, free coins, free cards, and any update regarding the game.

You can also make new friends using these pages, clubs and groups so you will have more chances of moving towards a higher level in the game. The more friends you will have, obviously the more gift you can receive, and the more entertainment you can have in the game.

Hot Tricks for Coin Master

9) Collect your rewards daily

Coin Master gives you a certain amount of free bonuses and awards every day. These rewards include five free spins and some free coins.

Make sure to grab this every day on time since they follow a cycle of 24 hours. Once after 24 hours, you will be able to collect those rewards once again.

10) Send more cards daily

Coin Master allows its players to trade or share cards with your Facebook friends, which is another reason for linking your Facebook account with your Coin Master’s account. However, there is a limit when it comes to trading or sharing the cards with your friends.

Players can only send five cards in a day to their friends. But, who knows this limitation?

The trick to trade or share more than five cards with/to your friends has to do with the time displayed on your phone.

All you need to do is to change the date and time that appeared on your phone by going to the settings of your phone. Once you change the date and time, you can send another five cards to your friends.

You can repeat this process as many times as required. Once you have sent a good number of cards with your friends, then change the time and date back to normal and restart your phone.

If you find this trick to be difficult and annoying, then there is another way to send more than five cards in a day. You will have to make sure that you link your account with Facebook.

Once your account is linked, your resources are secured. You can now uninstall the game from your phone and install it again. Once done, it will allow you to send another five cards to your friends.

Please note that this tip will require a lot of usage of data MB so use it at your own risk. 

11) Free spins and coins trick

The internet is over floating with the links of free spins and free coins for Coin Master. However, you need to avoid clicking on the links from the unknown sources since they can be harmful to your phone and can steal the personal data from your phone.

There are authentic links that are officially created by the developers of the Coin Master Game. You need to find those links and then redeem for free spins and free coins. These links will give you a vast number of spins, starting from 10 free spins to 40 free spins.

These links are updated daily and free to use for the players of Coin Master. With these extra coins and spins, you can have a lot more than your expectations in Coin Master.

You can buy new pets, new items to decorate your village, and so much more to make your Coin Master enjoyable. It is one of the best coin master tips and tricks.

12) Fake accounts

If you don’t have friends on your Facebook, who play Coin Master, or they are not interested in downloading or playing Coin Master, then you can also create fake accounts.

With the help of these fake accounts, you can send gifts to your own self if no one else does. This trick is handy when you are playing using a guest account. Also, Coin Master allows you to trade cards with your friends.

So, if you have a rare card in your fake account, you can share that unique card with your main account. This step will allow you to complete your set of cards faster and easier.

13) Use Shield on your village

There are always strong chances that your village can be under attack by someone known or unknown. So, the security and safety of your town become your first monastery in the game since the more reliable resources can fail to win sometimes as well.

To avoid this, you need to have your village covered by a shield. These shields will avoid attacks, but these will not prevent damages.

You can purchase the shields from the store of the game, or you can hope to get free shields from the spins you use. The more spins you have, the more chances you will get to receive shields out of them.

14) Gather Cards

Cards are essential to gather in Coin Master. There are 9 different sets of cards that each player can collect in the game. Each set of cards will give you a different reward in the form of free spins and free coins.

These cards range from ordinary cards to rare cards. There are three levels of cards in this game: bronze, silver and gold. You can buy the mystery chest to get the cards out of them or you can ask your friends to send you free cards.

Try to gather as many cards as possible, which might be necessary for a particular village. This step is because if you move to the higher levels in Coin Master, it will be harder even to find these common cards.

15) Double attack

Many people will attack your village just like how you will attack other’s village. That’s the game! If someone’s village is unprotected, then it is an excellent scheme to attack that village.

However, you need to keep in mind the attacking unprotected villages might not lead towards victory. You need to find the buildings or items in the targeted village who have been attacked before.

For instance, if a building already faced damage from another attack, there are high chances that you will most likely win that attack and get some victory coins.

Above Coin Master Tips and Tricks helps you to do the best in the game. They make your gameplay easy and increases the chances of winning a game.


How do you get free spins on coin master?
Coin master offers free 25 spins to its players when they successfully invite a new player in the game. You can also use the various links available on the internet for free spins and coins for this game.
How do you stop a coin master attack?
Unfortunately, these attacks can’t be stopped but you can try to block these attacks by having great protection of your village. You can also ask your friends to send you the protective shields as a gift so you can utilize them for blocking attacks on your village.
How do I get better at Coin Master?
Coin Master is the game of practice. Practicing this game will help you learn the inner hacks, cheats, tricks, and tips all by yourself. The more you play this game, the more of an advanced player you will eventually become at the end of the day.